Our Focus

We want to see the marginalized people of South India reach their full potential in the image of God


Education breaks the cycle of poverty giving a fighting chance at life

Geegh Nursery School

Education helps break the cycle of poverty for rural kids in South India. Geegh Nursery School was founded in 1957 by Mary Geegh who served with the Reformed Church in America from 1924-1962 in the former Arcot Mission region.

Today the school provides education, food, and medical care to 220 underprivileged children from one-year-olds to six. These kids would otherwise be left vulnerable in their to hunger, trafficking and learning street habits in their village streets.

Hope English Medium School

Hope High School began as an English Medium School in 1800’s. During the early 1900’s it changed into a Telegu school. The original vision for Hope is being recaptured. In June 2011, Hope School re-opened as an English Medium School where under-resourced kids have access to a solid education with tuition on a sliding scale.

This is a place where children in grades 1 through 10 can achieve success! As of 2017, 360 children receive preventive medical and dental care, uniforms, shoes & socks, backpacks, and transportation. They also learn technology skills for our modern world.

Graduates of Geegh Nursery School are able to continue their education by attending Hope English Medium School, providing they are given scholarships.


Families are finding dignity through empowerment.

Give a Cow

Give-a-Cow is an outreach program that trains and equips rural and urban women with the necessary skills needed to ensure a sustainable income for their families. Income from daily milk sales creates freedom from bondage to money lenders. Group accountability allows families access to interest-free loans for basic needs, education for their children and medical care. The first female calf is donated back to the program. A cow that keeps giving. (or… to pass-on the gift to another family in need)

Banyan Tree Tailoring

Rural women gain dignity and sustainable lives through this training program.

Upon graduation, the women receive a sewing machine for starting a home-based business. Former graduates who participate in the peer mentorship program help to ensure students’ success through guidance and encouragement.

Village Gathering Places

Whole villages are praising God through village gathering places.

Having a community gathering place gives dignity, encouragement, and a place to worship God. It is difficult for villagers who struggle financially.